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Elder brother dream of diamond of bright of 100 big gem
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Each woman has a dream, dreaming to be in a happy hour, the gets Buddhist monastic discipline to marry his to love greatly man that is wearing bright. Each man also has a dream, dreaming to give birth to the happiest hour in people on one's own side, prepare the most colorful diamond and the best wedding for her beloved. Arrived one day that, love as the bright like diamond dazzling, also as the eternity like diamond changeless.

Diamond is symbolizing not only eternity and duteous love, return contain to wear a lot of attractive character. The diamond in fokelore is the tear of deity, because the arrow of Angus Cupid is set went up the blackart that diamond ability enough put to good use loves. Come how many years, diamond is the keepsake of people expression love all the time.

Diamond is generated fall at extremely abominable geological condition, high temperature high pressure, the carbolic element that makes diamond destroys without grey flying smoke, finished the renascence like phoenix Nie huge rock with the solidarity between tenacious make a stand against and companion however. Experience loneliness of a few years to await again, just the opportunity comes to the world. Ability of hundreds tons of ore extracts 1 carat diamond, this lets diamond appear more precious. Of diamond hard exceed the person's imagination, the snow of rain of hardships of a journey or of one's life of thousand all ages, flying sand takes rock, a bit cannot use the character of brace stone. Below the appearance that glows in diamond, have a place child kind quiet heart, in the boudoir that await a word, enrage compose oneself idle. Diamond resembles the Qing Qingxi in hill flowing, circle stone and pass, happy-go-lucky.

In woman of a lot of hour as diamond general, need man will savour. Wisdom person love mountain, benevolence person happy water. See you be admired from what angle. It is beautiful that feminine day is born with, once added the ornament of diamond, her beauty is met detached and free from vulgarity, copy is like a day to become.


We pay attention to quality and service

Quality and service are elder brother all the time the key of 100 great attention. In elder brother storefront of 100 big any undertakes shopping, consumer can enjoy excellent service. Elder brother 100 big gem have perfect and normative client to serve a system, before offerring the carry out that do not have care for consumer, carry out medium, after service. Consumer buys any goods, want to make sure by quality of service manual, commodity sheet can be enjoyed only exclusive service, elder brother a series of 100 rise in value that offer greatly serve, will bring closer, more perfect shopping experience for you.

The elder brother that business encircles shopping mall of the screen austral distributinging Yu Kunming 100 big gem sell individually, the diamond that owns thousands of square metre is acted the role of article manage sell, the diamond with elegant vogue of nearly 10 thousand modelling is acted the role of article, offerred to you most the choice that be at ease.
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