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Headgear of Qiu Dong of Dior08 of Ba Luo gram restoring ancient ways
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The acting elephant that the person of all over the world knows to hill of the benefit that compare Buddha is fortune fame and gain and watch a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale, the strain of essence of gem of 2008 autumn winters that Dior herein rolled out it is listed, new one season headgear has Ba Luo to overcome palace style, "Aureate and costly " the woman that designs will high grace is adorned more riches and honour.

$420.00 of price of reference of ring of gold of DIOR Gong Shanhu

Price of reference of ring of DIOR pink carbuncle: $520.00

Price of reference of necklace of DIOR gold a string of beads: $500.00

Author: Dollar / editor: Cola

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