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Give up of French Kiss marriage witnesses Heng Jiuzhen to love
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Buddhist of Van Cleef &Arpels overcomes elegant treasure this results from the France of real love story brand of top class gem, in its the development of hundred years witnessed countless moving love legend in course, series of its Bridal marriage more because bright,the United States is gotten and masterly the favour that craft gains a Yuan fair maidens. From Wen Sha the Andibei of ducal couple resides place to arrive the royal wedding of Monaco princess Geleisi Kaili, can see VanCleef everywhere&Arpels Buddhist overcomes the nobility that elegant treasure brings to the hero and happiness. Nowadays, to present his compliment to divine Bridal marriage series, ke Yabao of VanCleef &Arpels Buddhist opened his to be in at was in China 2007 gem of series of the first marriage is special inn, roll out ceremoniously this year subsequently " FrenchKiss " series of gem of complete newly-married give up, went up to be about to enter the new people of bridal hall to act according to distinctive and the blessing that does not have craftsmanship! The Bridal marriage ring of Ke Yabao of Buddhist of Van Cleef &Arpels uses sheet entirely diamond inlaid is designed distinctly, design change is boundless, enchase weight with platinic gold highest the beauty that achieves 6 carat is gotten, the diamond of different color and brightness is perfect and harmonious collocation is together, show namby-pamby and the appearance of bright is collected.

Bridal marriage series 6 brand-new ring all has unique individual character, but fold again however in clever difference reveal VanCleef&Arpels Buddhist Ke Yabao to go after brilliant creation mind ceaselessly, reveal a brand to make person exclamatory original creation aesthetic characteristic. Carry through essence of life fine of the gem Great Master that chosen precious diamond makes technology through having masterly and traditional gem make, made a lasting testimony.

Diamond is the ore with most hard nature, this one special character makes its become faithful not the love of change is indicative, and of diamond pure and transparent make again those who representing love is perfect with chasteness, so VanCleef&Choice of elegant treasure of Arpels Buddhist gram is main material to be designed character with diamond " FrenchKiss " series of gem of complete newly-married give up, the instant that wants to wear marriage ring for the lady in the man just about hears the oath of each other heart and faithful, be like the sweet marriage of AlfredVanCleef of author of the brand more than 100 years ago and Estelle Arpels.

The quality that Buddhist of Van Cleef &Arpels captures elegant Bao Meizuan and morality " our task is to respectfully present our most advantageous work. " this word of JacquesArpels solemns to had become VanCleef&Arpels Buddhist overcomes the brand maxim of elegant treasure.
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