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Gem of Er of dark sea a place of strategic importance is high-grade gift
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Sen Haisai Er is a manufacturer with manufacturing high-grade earphone, this it rolled out the earphone with a more costly design, earphone is embedded went up to apply Hua Luo world to surprise (Swarovski) crystalline lens.

Machine embed have 24 carat gold and Swarovski crystal price 299 euro

This one earphone that plan institute reveals on is Rihanna in American music award prize-giving celebration place deserves to wear, earphone embeds the gold that has 24 carat and strange crystal of Shi Hualuo world, be in fine point more the technology energy can that sees it, wear-resisting is its one big character, exact crystal location conquered many vermicelli made from bean starch that are costly earphone insanity.

Senhaisaier rolls out costly and crystal earphone

Divide this beyond, you are OK still the product that model of choose and buy is HD25 or CX300, their price is mixed for 299 euro respectively 99 euro, there also are light sapphirine and the sign of the rose on their body.

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