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Gem brand gets big PK of Buddhist monastic discipline
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Bloom when love in atrium, let flower bloom please in finger tip -- adorn flower formative ring, can be strong feeling sweet meaning more add a minute of romance!

With sheet series of diamond inlaid ring, an indicative constant loves, because this uses sheet diamond enchases what design distinctly to get Buddhist monastic discipline to become new people to celebrate a wedding anniversary, in communicate boundless love or celebrating life of important hour choose cordially.

Most benefit option: Dior Gracefully ring

Most benefit option: Dior Gracefully ring makes an appointment with 2000 yuan. The collocation of purple gem and gold, showed high and uncommon temperament, on ring broken auger enchase, it is the bright luster that the ornament gives to belong to Dior only more.

Optimal choice: Cartier orchid series

Optimal choice: Shop of gold of white K of Cartier orchid series sets diamond ring 178000 yuan. Kadeya is classical orchid modelling ring, wan Re leaves pointing to the demon of heaven and earth between, the design that comes from nature is inspirational, deserve to be gotten with elegant beauty, adopy Kadeya's consistent grace and nobility.

Van Cleef&Ring of Arpels Flowerlace pattern

Van Cleef&Ring of Arpels Flowerlace pattern. Flowerlace series continued further the soft beauty of Fleurette gem series and clever. Ring is adherent the delicate curve on finger, the condole that spun silk designs drops the result that shows a fluoroscopy; The lacy dangler that diamond comprises is glaring and attractive.

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