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Zhou Dasheng is special roll out " the heart that be thankful " series is classi
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-- give the person that loves most recently in person most Be thankful is the self-identity of a kind of heart, be touched only with pure heart, go imprinting, go always be being written down, those give ability not let sb down the person of our benefaction. The heart that be thankful, acknowledgment has you. Gem is in Zhou Dasheng mid-autumn, during National Day comes special roll out " the heart that be thankful " classical auger act the role of series. This series is gotten act the role of a style contracted and easy, line is fluent, every are gotten adorn have its profundity intention, no matter be the boss that acknowledgment fosters your parents or promotes oneself; No matter be,be close good friend, one paragraph getting acts the role of the be thankful affection in can conveying your heart. Zhou Dasheng " the heart that be thankful " series diamond still prepared to like the friend of gem " intention " ceremony bag, the condole with elaborate design unified style drops, catenary of ear hammer, ring, hand. Need not choose painfully again, in a beautiful day, bale your intention in the gem jewelry that takes this beauty, again strung the mood that you are thankful, benedictory thinks most in giving you life that individual. Zhou Dasheng interlinks inn near future many times 600 to roll out, invite sincerely arrive at appreciate. Of the heart series that be thankful daughter Buddhist monastic discipline Go all the way, surging forward with great momentum or it is to be like water calmly, after been experience only, fang Zhien affection is commendable. In thanking your life in me, enlighten future, give me power, testimony grows, let me blossom flowery life. -- of the heart series that Zhou Dasheng is thankful be thankful female give up Cheng Fang's love probably won't only then to powerful, however, it is to jump over Dan Yuechun however, blend in the fragrance of years, asperse full flower probably, bespread bramble probably, want to have you only, coagulate eye photograph looks, dribs and drabs, all be happy. -- of the heart series that Zhou Dasheng is thankful to love female give up Cherish the opportunity that accompanies with true love, cherish the time that gets along with the bosom friend, cherish the time that defends with family photograph, cherish every minutes of years before, cherish every inches of time that has taken. -- of the heart series that Zhou Dasheng is thankful cherish female give up
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