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Kadeya is newest orchid gem series
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The gem of 60 brand-new designs, if Fang is contended for surprise a bottle of colourful flowers, by Kadeyazhu treasure is versed in lane wholeheartedly implantation. Delicate Bai Huawan is like the canvas of a piece of white, let other colour above to the top of one's bent brandish is aspersed, make beautiful appearance: Ruby is round bead, a string of string of emerald like drip-drop, rose is gotten or spar or rubellite wait sapphirine of colour of Huang Zuan, star, magical tangent plane needle a moment, make the finishing point for gem. Yellow, red, pale green, violet, India is pink, adorn flower more outstandingly.

Impending the orchid that stand firm, close together side by side emerald bead string, plus ruby and rubellite bead drop, interweave to come from the necklace of elfland into this. In the modelling Eden of this beautiful Lun Meihuan, was born an intoxicate orchid that enchases ruby and diamond, precious calyx cuts flame tourmaline carve by what the United States admires and become.

Protean orchid jewellery, can become breastpin from necklace. By enchase bright in the calyx that get, lop a string of teardrop that strings together ruby, nod eyeball with diamond of form of a water. The orchid of necklace inclined admire that circle bead comprises 3 ruby, brewing the magical effect of Jing grand dekko.

The orchid with cabinet exquisite, white and immaculate flower is lightsome habitat on necklace, necklace is by water form and circle bead form diamond is comprised. Matutinal flower with infinite tender feelings, the beautiful type diamond of all sorts of different figure, will different cut, and accumulate the ruby that contains warmth, sublimate comes only beautiful summit summit.

Intertropical orchid, adorning stone of green emerald green pomegranate and orange Gong Guiliu stone, smooth add 10 thousand kinds of amorous feelings. The astral shape breastpin with exquisite choiceness, dazzling ray, the violet light with tangent plane pointed bright spar is marked all the more.

The platinic gold that enchases rose getting or Huang Zuan or breastpin of yellow K gold, it is modelling with blooming orchid. Bright sunlight or moon, with ruby dark ray each other is mirrorred unripe brightness.
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