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Golden leaf gem " perfect catenary affection "
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"Perfect catenary affection " Commentate meaning: Full-bodied, enthusiastic gold is reincarnate become in bud, the butterfly that the cirrus that perhaps fills put flower, winding lingering, lightsome Pian flies to. Sinuate gentleness is like the chain like dotted line to go up, the pattern design with melting modelling alternates irregularly or cascade, from time to time is getting a heart centrally in the center of, take advantage of an opportunity of from time to time and the upper berth is full half clavicle, give a person the sense with costly, nobility. Chic classical flower catenary, dignified and easy, design is novel and dazzing, in representing lover heart with bullion most the absolute sincerity, purest affection, placed to love faithfulness expects lastingly between the lover, boast there is the colour of love in eye awn, accomplish perfect amour. Material is qualitative: 1000 pure gold The awaken of spring bursts Smile happily Happy supple

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