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Buddhist overcomes elegant treasure gem to be about to come on stage
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Buddhist overcomes elegant treasure Cieux of é of Ballet Pr of series of top class gem is about to bright romance comes on stage

Dancing is force, rigorous, accurate perfect be in harmony is mixed, it is the artistic acme of harmony, grace, poetic flavour. For quite a long time, ballet, this one elegant and absolutely beautiful dancing form all the time in a steady stream brings Van Cleef ceaselessly&Arpels Buddhist overcomes the art with elegant endless treasure to create inspiration and source. Nowadays, van Cleef&Arpels Buddhist overcomes elegant Bao Sui in order to twinkle the rare and lapidary together with of China colour is masterly the making craft of unsurpassed, display to the perfect art of this dump common people on most great ceremony assist, Van Cleef&Arpels Buddhist gram is elegant on treasure history most precious is rare series of precious high-quality jewelry of Cieux of Ballet Pr é is about to bright to come on stage in Beijing.

When Van Cleef&Ba Lanqin of • of George of Arpels Buddhist Ke Yabao and Great Master of famous ballet choreography (George Balanchine) is elemental creation to go out with rare gem of 3 kinds of precious jointly " ballet " after gem curiosa of the theme and dancing are created, brand and orchestic relation from this and become cannot depart instantly more.

George • Ba Lanqin is fundamental key creation to give 3 act dream to beautiful ballet treads and match only with 3 kinds of gem respectively with the music with 3 kinds of disparate styles, it is respectively: The French composer that closes with beryl photograph the orchestral music work of blessing Lai; Pull Wen Siji especially by family history of compose of ruby deductive Russia (the Russia composer of the work of StravinsKy) and as mutual as diamond reflect Chaikefusiji (the work of TchaiKovsKy) , each act all without exception confuses unreal in alone beauty the ballet glamour that gives out moving heart soul comes loose in waving.

And as Van Cleef&Arpels Buddhist Ke Yabao is all along exceeding cherished nobility is artistic, ballet is perforative cover high-quality jewelry of Cieux of Ballet Pr é to create originally from beginning to end basis and soul. The appearance of lithe and graceful dance of a person that gem curiosa all is caught ably and deduce a dance, it may be said is the ballet work floating in the air with Balanqin in all dance, each exhibit charm. Work of series of Cieux of Ballet Pr é surrounds in all 4 themes, deduce the ballet of 3 kinds of origin with the gem of 3 kinds of color respectively, its are respectively: Ballet (The Ballet) , beryl (Emeralds) , ruby (Rubis) and diamond (Diamonds) theme series, buddhist overcomes elegant Bao Qi to look in order to twinkle the gem of China colour displays those who go up to bright most to praise to the elegant art of this dump common people...
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