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I Do creats new kingdom of example of global marriage give up
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Come from 2006, the definition is the brand of give up of I Do marriage of example of global marriage give up, regard ego as the requirement with approximate and spotless product quality, exacting craft, in order to guide the design of gem tide, present the most beautiful marriage give up to act the role of to the world article, already won at present join in the extensive self-identity of business and luxury market. Nowadays, I Do achieved 1500 square metre in the business area of Beijing Oriental square, in Xin Guangtian at the same time the bazaar of a gleam of such as the ground has storefront of bazaar of 15 high end, have 8 storefront in group of trade of a gleam of of sea route of Shanghai the Huaihe River meanwhile, business area was achieved on 10 thousand smooth rice, before turnover firmly holds what bazaar sells 3. And the target of I Do not only go no further hereat, it still is bearing the weight of the dream of the fashionable brand that makes I Do into make common people yearning in that way like A Mani of Qiao Ye · . Now, I Do forward “ makes I Do into international diamond industry most the bright, that ” stride that has fashionable elegant demeanor most. I Do rolls out 100 marriage give up every year to lead marriage give up fashionThe manage of fractionize Old before, I Do pays close attention to a few important information. A few authority release let him understand such data: The whole nation marries every year new talent is close 10 million pairs, marry consumptive total amounts to 250 billion yuan. Our country comes nearly 5 years average and annual eight million one hundred and thirteen thousand six hundred pairs of new personality are registered marry, gem consumption is average 5659 yuan / right, the consumption of jewelry of town of ground level above 7643 yuan / right. And hit in diamond industry go all out nearly 10 years he long also knows, market of Chinese gem headgear already by the whole world is taken only a few years ago 1% jump house it is the 3rd big market of world, be next to the United States and Japan. Only diamond expenditure of China achieved 19.6 billion yuan 2006, and 78% what consumption of marriage give up occupies diamond to consume. And after gem headgear is making afterwards housing, car the heat of the 3rd big spending of Chinese common people. “2004 year China already made the whole world the 3rd big luxury consumes a country, occupy global luxury to consume amount 12% . ” Gao Cheng is forecasted, “ arrives China will exceed Japan to become the first luxury of world to consume a country 2015. ” is same, international invests a bank to contain company count high, the conception that also has market of give up of meaning conspire marriage for him provided support. In the meantime, the experience that have the aid of precipitates in diamond industry place, in the sale that he still discovers to every 10 diamond act the role ofing are tasted, having 7 is beg in order to marry to appeal to. The data of these Jiang Yuxiong differentiate and forecast, found to specialize in to make marriage celebrate get the make a decision that acts the role of market brand, provided solid basis. Then, 2006, phillippe Tournaire and president of orgnaization of constant letter diamond Mr Li Houlin introduce I Do Chinese market jointly. From now on, I Do makes brand of the first dinkum marriage give up inside industry of Chinese gem jewelry.
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