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Buddhist Ke Yabao is brand-new gem ring
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Brand-new Perlée gem series develops form of elegant and costly beauty

What pledge for main material with bullion is brand-new Perlée gem series, design very bold innovation. Every curiosa all with exquisite bead catenary serves as edging, it is the mark with this most striking series. This kind of unique elegant design go up oneself 20 time begin the century to already became Van Cleef namely&Arpels Buddhist overcomes one of originality with elegant most classical treasure, the near future is the modelling that appears at series of Alhambra4 Xie Cao more in, the brand the romantic wind of beautiful elegance is deduced incisively and vividly.


Even more hundred years come, van Cleef&Because its are distinctive,Arpels Buddhist overcomes elegant treasure the design that extraordinary, originality meaningfuls, become eternity of high-quality jewelry domain immortal meticulous and indicative. Brand-new Perlée gem series has state of elegant and contracted beauty extremely, decorous white K gold or the pink K gold that are romance, deserve to be designed with fashionable and elegant choiceness, cast the meaningful design of wonderful artical excelling nature, show the Perlée with classical and traditional brand bead act the role of design effect.

The interpret meaning of Perlée is the Jin Zhu of a string of delicate and exquisite. Every Jin Zhu all lies gently in bright lustre the gem of pink K gold or white K gold acts the role of tasted edge to go up, polymerization becomes the ring with fund elegant fund or bracelet, the ray is dazzing. Perlée has a variety of design to choose in order to offer, melting beautiful beautiful series of 4 Xie Cao diamond, quarter have Van Cleef&Arpels Buddhist overcomes the sheet of model of written characters of elegant treasure English to taste, without reveal a brand eminent inadequately and not group classical position and exalted and elegant exquisite character.

Perlée series gem is made newly


- make up compose with a chain of Jin Zhu and become
- have white K gold and pink K gold two kinds of design


- clitellum is united in wedlock bead act the role of the effect
- have white K gold and pink K gold two kinds of design

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