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European top class gem asks a vessel China first
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This year in March, the stylist of 21 gem of class of French national treasure, international jewel that taking them designs large award work, ask a vessel China first, for the high-end personage act according to actual circumstances of Beijing, brought the United States calls out an United States human relations, the gem work with individual craftsmanship. This kind is handiwork of European celebrity high official only the excellent craft of custom-built gem, make personage of Chinese high end experienced Europe is costly first the perfect union with romance. Today, "TOP luxury salon " sponsorred activity pulls open the 2nd heavy curtain in China, add performs his unique ideal stay away from home.

   MARCHAK gem

"TOP luxury salon " banner inferior card---"Parisian treasure " after afterwards is held successfully in March, had made high-end jewelry custom-built the pronoun that changes a service. Below the look that pays close attention to in people, "Parisian treasure " write the autumn add that will roll out by a definite date 15 days November 6---"Tonight starlight brights " make one's rounds of French gem autumn exhibits an activity. Mobile general early or late hand in hand a few old high end such as meeting, 100 benevolence government office meet the Milky Way of bay of Chang'an club, America club, the Milky Way place is held jointly, it is a capital jointly personage of hundreds elite high end dedicates the gluttonous regale with year custom-built gem.

   MARCHAK gem

It is reported, the preparation with much half an year of this activity course, plan, invited Bruno again - Ba Lesong, remanni - Great Master of design of top class gem visits the France such as Aisiteben mobile spot, still have with what come round at the appointed time once waited for palace noble for mother of an emperor of Russian czar, Ci Xi custom-built the Russia that crosses gem is royal MARCHAK of brand of gem of for use of an emperor.

These a hundred or so that choose meticulously more than charge for the making of sth. the top class gem with delicate, original design, each make a person blindfold: Or be puzzled of coquettish evil spirit, or light like angel spirit is pure, or unreal turns animal model, or concise and optional be like natural and smooth writing, or be like ethereal numerous star. . . . . . Light of bead of it may be said brights! Uniqueness, uniqueness and quantity body are custom-built the place of the window that the concept is this second activity.

   MARCHAK gem
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