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Gem appraisal expert teachs you appraisal red sapphirine
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The gem original rock after burnish is handled
Recently, force of great good fortune of week of famous gem brand invites quality of national jewelry jade to supervise examine central expert, one ibid has the say Thailand of the country of Gong Labao stone toward element. The problem that cares with respect to a series of consumer such as the exploitation of red sapphirine, treatment, character and expert of international gem appraisal undertook communication and discuss.

Dr of expert of world-famous gem appraisal. Adolf Peretti is one of before ranking international gem appraisal 3 international is accepted experts. He has quite tall force in international gem bound. He says, the gem with natural exploitation, a few can be found only in a few kilograms of heavy rock. And it is gem together, value differs however very far, a lapidary value originates producing area, clean degree, the standard that the element of the many sided such as craft of treatment of gram number, color, cut will come to to measure value, the just right that often loses and erroneous with a thousand li.

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