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"Father-in-law " Olympic Games of London of sporting goods fight in some places
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The group of father-in-law sports industry that provides gymnastic, judo, tumble, taekwondo, boxing, track and field to wait for equipment of game of 6 big projects for Beijing Olympic Games, because be in the Olympic Games and incomplete in all matches of abstruse meeting, father-in-law sports equipment created 0 trouble, 0 complain, the admirable achievement of 0 casualties, at present London Olympic Games had begun to undertake arrange with with father-in-law group about the respect 2012, father-in-law group started preparation formally also to offer the job of sports equipment for London Olympic Games.

President of group of father-in-law sports industry impetuouses annals fine tells a reporter, beijing Olympic Games is all in 302 gold, 40% arise on the equipment that they supply, father-in-law group became the biggest sports equipment supplier on history of contemporary Olympic Games. During Beijing Olympic Games, bian Zhiliang is guiding the father-in-law group Olympic Games that comprises by 200 people to guarantee a group, "Carried off on Olympic Games competition ground a special gold " .

"We wanted not to have the courage to think in the past. " speak of homebred sports equipment to take Olympic Games competition ground, the Hou Libo of head of department of sporting goods of center of equipment of national sports total bureau that be accompanying interviews is evaluated so. Director Hou says, the sports equipment of the Olympic Games supplies a domain is the property that the western developed country such as heart, law, beauty owns traditional dominant position, having a batch of famous brand suppliers. The equipment of many 20 thousand sports of project of 6 big games entered father-in-law group the Olympic Games, changed equipment of Olympic Games of monopoly of business of foreign sporting goods to supply 100 old histories.

Hou Libo says: "Sports equipment wants to enter the Olympic Games, with respect to the attestation that must pass association of sports of international individual event. " the forestall that father-in-law group broke through developed country enterprise, make a variety of 50 products of the group passed the international body couplet, soft couplet, Tai couplet, attestation that throws each special association such as couplet of couplet, Tian Lian, fist early or late, had crossed the first threshold that enters the Olympic Games. 2006, below the commendation of each individual sports association, father-in-law group enters BOCOG inspect a category. In May 2007, both sides signs an agreement formally, father-in-law group " Shen Ao " successful.

Although according to concerned agreement, bian Zhiliang did not disclose the specific amount that cooperates with BOCOG, but many 20 thousand equipment that sheet is place of service Olympic Games, value does not poor. According to introducing, the most expensive is free and gymnastic mat, every about 400 thousand yuan. Bian Zhiliang feels this investment is worth, "Better than any advertisement " .
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