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Polaris of horological old name brews market of push forward high end
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Report from our correspondent as people consumption level rise, china is making the world's horological and main sale market, horological enterprise also begins a few old names to more the market territory of high-end high quality is extended. Polaris of Yantai of Shandong of hundred years old name is state-owned accuse a limited company to will announce on October 11, market of high end of base oneself upon, product of high end of research and development, make flagship store, preparation and horological foreign brand one relatively relative superiority or inferiority.

Yantai Polaris is state-owned accuse a Zhang Zhaoji of limited company president to say: "On the way that develops in old name, although Polaris is not plain sailing, but the old name that we dare not go bankrupt like some in that way take advantage of one's seniority, backwater not before, we have the obligation that carries forward old name inheritance only. We have the obligation that carries forward old name inheritance only..

According to the introduction of expert of Chinese horological association, our country horological market is at present medium, horological brand has 200 about many, brand of its China border has 60 many, although homebred watch owns the market share of 70 % , but the 30 % that sales revenue holds market sale only. Because potential of market of this high end can be dug.

According to Polaris state-owned accuse a Luo Jianyi of limited company vise general manager to introduce, polaris depends on brand, quality and technical advantage, with one action becomes Chinese horological course of study to offer the supplier of orbit traffic timing system exclusively for abroad, and in gymnasium of country of Olympic Games of the 29th Beijing Yi Yi is born brightness. Current, polaris already built horological flagship store in and other places of Beijing, Shandong, face high-end consumer, advocate hit high-end product, be dedicated to providing high grade and efficient service for consumer.


" market newspaper " (2008-10-15 the 07th edition)

Author: Beautiful circle / editor: Cola

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