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Offer of interest of Bin Ni law with a kind brand-new and the kind that has contemporary feeling more pulled model of president of Quattroporte of the base of a fruit to undertake weighing model to Martha.
China is top class and luxurious car market competition is more and more intense, just exhibit in Parisian car " appear " Martha pulls the base of a fruit brand-new Quattroporte president series " too impatient to wait " the ground will hold China to appear on the market on October 11 ceremony, the price that the standard of administrative edition and elite edition configures is respectively: 2.478 million yuan mix 2.138 million yuan. And rise from September 1, because answer,the price that the level that new consumption tax adjusts GranTurismo racing bike and GranTurismo S racing bike configures adjusts for: 2.198 million yuan mix 2.558 million yuan.

   Administrative edition 0~100km/h needs 5.4 seconds only quickly

Talent stylist installs offer of interest of law of Bin Ni of heart row · to ever pulled honor of the base of a fruit with Martha 2003 president Sergio senator announces both sides begins to cooperate afresh jointly, design president series racing bike, pull GranTurismo of the base of a fruit at designing Martha continuously ever since, martha pulls the base of a fruit GranTurismo S and brand-new president series car. Appear on the market ceremonially, martha helps president of division of Asia-Pacific of the base of a fruit Nikelate meaning recall this before the car that encounters traffic accident misfortune dies designs a Great Master.

Brand-new edition of administration of Quattroporte president series carries powerful 4.7L V8 engine, the power of 430hp produces when 7000rpm, 490Nm of the biggest torque can be achieved when 4750 Rpm, can fall in 7000rpm high rotate speed not only, arouse as the powerful motive force like super racing bike, at the same time give attention to two or morethings drives daily the motivation when low rotate speed outputs a requirement, in 82% what the biggest torque achieves namely when 2500rpm, the electron that match special design and optimizes 6 fast hydraulic pressure are automatic gear-box, as vast as its power is perfect match, offer first-rate to start quicken function, 0~100km/h needs 5.4 seconds only quickly. And elite edition is tie-in 4.2L V8 engine, 7250rpm of top rotate speed, 460Nm of the biggest torque can be outputted when rotate speed achieves 4750rpm, match 6 fast hydraulic pressure automatic gear-box, 0~100km/h needs 5.6 seconds quickly.

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