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Diamond of model of lion of Si Balu force is special page make-up
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Diamond is enchased on the car early of this kind of originality has, but before this is a few change one's costume or dress car plant is in run quickly, BMW, Ao Di the make an issue of on this kind of luxurious car. Nevertheless, begin from October, offer " diamond car " car plant name became much, that is -- Sibalu.

The archetypal car of diamond spy page make-up is force lion, si Balu cooperates through loving alliance jewelry company with Italy, enchase with what diamond of 1173 south Africa and lapidary pure handiwork complete 4 parts assemble, it is power of steering wheel, gear, medium respectively control a station store content box and key catenary. In addition, diamond spy page make-up still is chosen installed many STI fittings, high-powered embryo of pull rod of the net in be like, small empennage, cat head before 18 inches of round of circle, CUSCO and yokohama ADVANV103.

Price of car of force lion prototype is two hundred and forty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan, add outfit STI to change one's costume or dress a value twenty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan, diamond act the role ofing tastes value 300 thousand yuan, so, si Balu diamond is special final price is page make-up 560 thousand yuan. (Reporter week mighty force)

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