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LV stars diamond set limit to is expressed
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Luyiweideng (Louis Vuitton) wrist is expressed Qiu Dong added a lot of new elements 2008, the design that includes to be become with diamond build by laying bricks or stones, black and white grid and Monogram express the Emprise of form, although this approves new table autumn to will roll out the market, the part is edition of set limit to more, but the brand took the lead in holding Preview in harbor already, allow authority today It is a pleasure to be the first to read an artical or see a film. , had made the preparation that order goods.

New fund Louis Vuitton (LV) wrist watch gives medium this to preview inside Hong Kong headquarters only, see the Model of old scene of be used to, one face agitato admires watch of every new LV, view her expression, foregone the appeal of this batch of new tables! The author has visited many names stylist and CEO of fashionable dress brand, very a long time also is wearing a LV to express on their hand, the position of all corners of the country that sees its Fashion Watch has many tall.

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