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World name is gotten---Bright hill
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Origin: Author of Chinese gem net: Release time: 2008.05.21

"Bright hill " call again " the song is depended on collect " , " the brilliance in hill " , " Keyinuoer " . Its discover the history already have no way affirms, the earliest account that thinks its are relevant more now but restrospect to 1304, original rock weighs 800 carat, 186 carat are weighed after considering for the first time, show elliptic, but meantime gives fire very not ideal.

About " bright hill " circulate at first the history, already cannot take an examination of. As it is said, in dispute of chaos caused by war, it ever circulated Yu Mo lies for a time puppet emperor, in sanded hand of accept surname Er, say additionally according to what have not confirms, its ever were set Yu Mo lies on the peacock throne with famous dynasty. Second hind, england east Indian company in lieutenant general of a war its carry off, name for " bright hill " gave flower queen Victoria. After queen gets, consider it so that glorious boasts afresh person.

After wear, queen with " bright hill " do breastpin. After stepdaughter king, be set all the time over the imperial crown at England. Now " bright hill " , after considering for two times, weigh 108.93 carat.

Author: Anon. / editor: Usd

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