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The mystery with gem flashy jewelry
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Origin: Shenzhen gem author: Release time: 2008.05.21

Can flashy jewelry, be called glitter headgear, it has stronger refraction result. How does somebody ask this kind of effect is what treatment comes out? Amounting to kind of refraction is by mechanical cutting tool (knife head is enchasing diamond) through high speed cutting, make headgear forms a bright and clean glassy to refract face place to arise. Current, the glitter that supplies on the market headgear has: Necklace of wave of flashy line ring, flashy water, glitter is hanged, stop of flashy flower form and flashy dangler.

The refraction area of flashy jewelry is designed commonly according to material size and modelling, refraction face design gets whether reasonable, beautiful will immediate impact to arrive of headgear view and admire the effect. For example, the refraction face that glitter spends contrast stop passes too much big, can cause scale maladjusted, the topic is not quite lively, make headgear plodding from this, extremely vulgar. Additional, of refraction face bright and clean degree satisfactory, also be a of bad of actor of flashy jewelry quality important facet. If bright and clean spend difference, dark even acerbity, so refraction effect is met abate, service life can be reduced.

Author: Anon. / editor: Usd

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