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Violet Long Jing - beneficent stone
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Origin: All one's life author of club of one stone gem: Release time: 2008.05.23

Violet Long Jing is the gem of a kind of new discovery, have elegant and sterling purple, occasional has white helix striation, form a kind of very distinctive beauty. Corresponding top annulus, conduce to the mystery that eliminates cerebral ministry thinking of, see the fact of clear fact, won't puzzle at idea, obtain genuine knowledge, understand wisdom. She has a kind of warmth but the person's energy, can bring warm, compassionate, intelligence of animals, joyance and the sense of humor that are full of intelligence of animals, can eliminate the defect of acrid and acerbity, glib. Ladies adorn violet Long Jing, conduce to bring high grace, Yong Rong's free from vulgarity temperament, and the bearing that mercy includes. Violet Long Jing passes light, can make intelligence highest, sharp force is the most powerful.

Mine learns knowledge --

Violet Long Jing is the ore of a kind of new development, belong to high-grade article, the infrequent and rare purple that riverside of benefit of advanced Russia snow discovered ability 1978 is lapidary, it is You Hanjiang's alkalescent nepheline syenite inbreaks the forms as a result of place of condition of special pressure, temperature, chemical component, physics change in lime cliff, formed the world unique " violet Long Jing " . Color of violet dragon brilliant is bright-coloured, violet white alternate with, with violet give priority to, purple, white is not had into shape of long and thin fine directional twine " twist " together, extremely be like burn makings, the spot that still has a few bottle green piece bureau part cloth, long minute shape is twined each other, be like numerous dragon cloud to flutter, friend says violet Long Jing. Common a few Neon picrite distributing.

Author: Anon. / editor: Cindy

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