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Colour getting
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Origin: Shenzhen gem author: Release time: 2008.05.28

Chromatic diamond < Fancycolordiamond > show diamond has remarkable color, or the infrequent natural diamond that send color, belong to chromatic diamond, love by people. It is with yellow or Brown diamond exemple, its color must achieve enough depth, for example international appraisal grading system spends GIA to classification in the system, must deep at Z lubricious colorimetric Shi Cai can call chromatic diamond.

As to the diamond of other color, although color is lighter or color degree of saturation is inferior, still can call chromatic diamond. Between chromatic diamond, red and green are very infrequent, it is magenta, purple, orange, pink next with blue, the chromatic diamond of gem market with yellow He Zonghe color is given priority to, former provide economic value relatively.

Chromatic degree presses color degree of saturation normally < chroma > reach tonal < light and shade is spent > when undertaking classification and descriptive diamond color, these term are put before style quality, be like Fancyyellow < color is yellow > or Deepyellow < deep color is yellow > , the colour that passes GIA appraisal is gotten, extremely high value is had in gem market.

Faint < small > → Verylight < small shallow > → Light < shallow > → Fancylight < light color > → Fancy < in colour > → Fancydark < dark colour > → Fancyintense < great variety > → Fancydeep < ` deep colour > → Fancyvivid < colourful colour > .

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