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What is turquoise
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Origin: Author of channel of industry of jewelry of gem of Hui Cong net: Release time: 2008.05.25

Turquoise and nephrite are same, it is the traditional jade makings that loves by personage of at all times and in all over the world. With its peculiar sky-blue, opaque, surface shows porcelain shape even the feature of earthy record burnish is easy be identified.

Turquoise of our country The Neo-lithic Age already served as decorations, be apart from today Si 6000 old.

Turquoise is hydrous cupreous aluminous phosphate. Show the dark green white with sky-blue, baby blue, turquoise, green, blue ribbon more. Often appear white stripe and Brown iron line. Turquoise quality of a material is exquisite, hardness 4~6, compact and hard. Color ribbon is green person, diminution of quality, quality of a material is coarse and porous person for inferior goods. Turquoise property is not stable. Its color is easy by corrupt make friends is afraid of to explode below high temperature and sunshine bask in. In with alcohol, suds, make up when grease reachs all sorts of soda acid solution to contact, can fade, become angry. In hole of turquoise of infiltration of human body sweat, also can cause become angry.

Turquoise is medium cheap jade, see on treasure jade market somebody is versed in substandard goods and man-made are tasted. It is dye more coloring or to light color person infuse candle or plastic treatment are handled and become. With add dip of bubble of gentle ammonia water can ascertain whether copy is risked article.

Turquoise basically uses the necklace that make and breastpin or handicraft.

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