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Grace of halcyon differentiate
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Origin: Shenzhen gem author: Release time: 2008.05.28


Halcyon is precious in Yu Duozi the color of colorful He Liangli, also be the parameter with evaluation the mainest halcyon. So chromatic processing early of halcyon already appeared in the market. Chromatic method has commonly: Color of coloring, dip, bureau color, complete plated film and radiate add color. The habit on the market calls C goods halcyon.

Color of coloring, dip, bureau color and fill up the color of the halcyon of chromatic processing often distributings centrally in cranny, brilliant unoccupied place in, in transmission light dark field environment shows filiform to distributing to observe extremely easily; Plated film halcyon is in commonly colorless halcyon is exterior the plating outside appearing isinglass qualitative film with green, clad halcyon also cries on the market, the color of plated film halcyon that just had done is even, the surface is bright and clean, have certain beguiling sex. But the feature that does not have halcyon in the surface after enlarge, show candle shape burnish, see glue film and halcyon sometimes between not the place of agglutinate. Refractive index often deviate 1.66. Plated film halcyon grows gradually as time, show a shape to fall off, exterior nick again and again, burnish is dim, yi Jian is decided. Radiation is chromatic emerald color surface is even, show lump of a shape, spot, differentiate more easily with natural halcyon.

Author: Anon. / editor: Usd

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