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The genetic and popular luxury of rope gem is acted the role of taste 25 years
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David Yurman(is defended greatly - elegant graceful) in order to design manufacturing design rare headgear and name express exquisite of concise, charge for the making of sth. and famous. 1979, david Yurman and Sybil Yurman couple founded to be defended greatly - elegant graceful (David Yurman) . David Yurman is a sculptor, and Sybi Yurman is a painter, they are at that time famous gem headgear stylist.

The rope that David Yurman is famous in the whole world designs (sina still tastes origin of picture matching a figure: International online)

In selling well 25 years when luxury act the role ofing tastes, type of David Yurman Logo makes pure silver-colored twist the appearance of the rope design, become one of designs with fashionable the famousest bound. Rope design is seen in the everywhere in its gem series, from his famousest cocktail give up, to each money catenary, and dangler.

David Yurman is acted the role of article, original and commonly used pure silver, replace gradually pledge for more expensive talent, be like 18K gold. In recent years, pearl also often appears in its to act the role of in tasting a design.

Acting character of fashionable goddess Kate Moss its brand

David Yurman gem is in Nordstrom, bloomingdale's, saks Fifth Avenue and department store of Neiman Marcus luxury all have a sale, and in the popularity small shop in a few top class and high-grade block, compare the Rodeo Drive of China benefit mountain villa, Newyork city, los angeles for instance. And the world exceeds modular Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, often also taking David Yurman gem to attend public activity. David Yurman gets all circles name greatly also of people love, arrive from Brad Pitt the fashionable God that guides popularity people, include a lot of stylist even.

The design of advance guard of vanguard of David Yurman gem, get those who have deep love for costly gem personage greatly to love

David Yurman gem, although do not provide the modern feeling of strong wallop, but the design that depending on vanward advance guard, get those who have deep love for costly gem personage greatly to love.

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