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Teach you how to discern all sorts of gem
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What do ruby and sapphirine have to differ? Their is main character what kind of?

Ruby comes from the English name of ruby Latin Ruber, means points to red. Sapphire also comes from the English name of sapphirine Latin Sapphins, means blue. The formal name of ruby and sapphirine is corundum together, she has a lot of kinds of color, besides the red, blue that is familiar with besides everybody, still include yellow, green, violet, pink, ash and colorless etc. Ruby and sapphirine are mixed with the color with its clear, showily magnificent, tall hardness exiguous, with diamond and emerald together, be known as " 4 big precious gem " , because ruby is normally more lubricious than sapphirine the United States, exiguous, reason ruby relatively sapphirine is more precious.

Corundum is familial in provide most representative the commonnest also is red treasure and La Bao, it is the mineral crystallization of alumina, rub family name hardness is 9, in natural and mineral in hardness is next to diamond.

What is emerald? Is fundamentality qualitative how?

Emerald is beryl (Beryl) a group of things with common features one kind in, it is extremely rare lapidary breed, fokelore can raise a happy god. Of ancient Greek person for " the gem of glow " . Her representing has the meaning of eternal life and faith, the happiness in indicative also nature extent and bumper harvest. Average person believes, she can bring the sweethearts that love each other people duteous not the force of change. Of emerald basically give producing area to have Zambia of Colombia, Africa and Brazil.

The component of emerald is beryllium aluminous silicate, rub family name hardness is 7.7, color is bright emerald. In addition, emerald sex is fragile, very easy below the circumstance that is collided by outside force broken.

How to evaluate lapidary stand or fall?

Lapidary stand or fall is defined this give out very hard, because still fail to unite the evaluation standard of concerned coloured on international so far, at present relatively common point of view is odd a grain weight degree of saturation of big, color the gem with good, little flaw had better.
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