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Body of ascend of Guangzhou jade carving the 2nd batch of countries are immateri
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A few days ago, project of directory of immaterial culture bequest announces level of the 2nd batch of states formally, divide folk literature, traditional music (folk music) , traditional dancing (folk dance) , traditional craft (traditional and manual craft) , the category such as traditional medicine, guangdong province has 29 ascend body " the 2nd batch of countries are immaterial culture bequest directory " . These 29 Xin Jin " the state somethings lost " in, guangzhou jade carving ranks among them.
As we have learned, guangzhou jade carving acceded the tradition of Song Daiqiao lubricious jade, created " leave color " acrobatics, proper jade itself the most beautiful natural colour " leave color " on the pattern of fish of bug of painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style that gives at vulture. The jade carving of Guangzhou chooses emerald jade more, breed basically divides headgear and decoration two kinds big. After founding a state, guangzhou jade carving had new development, renown actor comes forth in large numbers.

Author: Beautiful circle / editor: Cola

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