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Affection confuses good-sized headgear to play turn of beauty of upper part of t
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December 2008 is small jasper no longer people the world, OVERSIZE (big) bracelet, necklace, ring is popular! Alleged OVERSIZE, namely " exceed groovy measure " , this one season is adorning " make public is rampant " the fashion that OVERSIZE matchs to act the role of is current female people just be dictate today the pioneer that Ji Liu goes. The everywhere on the ave wears broad leg pants it is thus clear that, or it is wide T-shirt, carrying on the arm giant the stride that include a package is going " old woman " . Not difficult on their body discovery is sufficient the bracelet that has 10 centimeters wide or it is the hyperbole ring that enclothed half finger length, even still a few grow to necklace of alvine train in excess specified length, these enough prove " big " the fashionable that deserves to act the role of. We are these " big " the design is convinced deeply, must ground of dump bend bursa defeats a few to come home, will pick light whole body with it, seize everybody eyeball.

Deserve to act the role of big hotspot greatly

This season deserves to act the role of the place of the most distinctive glamour to depend on greatly, no matter the figure is carried high petite still, gaunt plump still can find the OVERSIZE that suits oneself, watch the 2008 scene on stage of Chun Xia T, try to locate sth by following up a clue find with you most a that when match.

The artifice grabs lens width decide the issue of the battle to lose

The width on the artifice and colour, enough lets you be cast in raise one's hand sufficient an eyeball others attract come over, modelling feels more intense, the scenery on wrist is more wonderful.
  Hermes: Many coriaceous bracelets closely band is in cuff, be together with its confluence almost, this ability is the essence of Cuff bracelet. Jean Paul Gaultier: The clothing that the bracelet nature of aureate department wants collocation to be fastened with color gift is perfect, if choose to make up without sleeve, wear the bracelet in the upper arm also be good method. Giorgio Armani: The wide bracelet with not neat modelling, choose not to have sleeve or half sleeve jacket as far as possible when collocation, lest reduce the length of arm from the vision. Emilo Pucci: haze bite  puts to death whetstoning lip mirrors Bao collect to lose earthen jar and? as before concise. Karl Lagerfeld: Some friend overcome olfactory bracelet, the colour that is abounded is soft change a lot of, tie-in and lovely model princess skirt also makes a person recall very much.
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