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Danielle Steel
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Money of assemble of novel of love of romance of Danielle Steel compose. The recompense of this high yield writer is as high as 6 to arrive 800 million dollar. Savour with her decorous dress design especially and the gem of elegant unsurpassed is collected and famed, partial gem is collected will on April 16, in new York Kelisidi auctions advancing travel. Of Steel collect include to spend need oh unique curiosa, for example the breastpin of owl of diamond black coral of Van Cleef&Arpel. Shi Er of La Baozuan of " of morning glory of a pair of Jean Schlumberger" drops, necklace of Tiffany&Co halcyon diamond, and bracelet of armadillo of a gold, come from David Webb, with cuff-link of a pair of gold, still engrave on the olivine of amid have animal pattern, patek Philippe and Franck Muller watch are waited a moment. See the headgear that so much brights, there still are more jewelleries in letting what I must suspect Steel the lady collect.

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