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Neutral of biting gem headgear devises blocking the way
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If with PH the value shows the male and woman, assume acidity is female, alkalescent for male, so neuter men and women should be PH value just is equal to of 7 that kind. Do not know from when to rise, the neuter condition of 7 begins = of this kind of PH be popular, handsome and dye-in-the-wood woman and Yin Rouqing's beautiful man as if to be able to represent the aesthetic new interest of this times more and more. Then, recreation, fashionable dress, United States makeup... can say whole and fashionable trade wind of be current neutral, even all along with " costly lady " the high-quality jewelry that figure shows a person did not jump the hasten of general trends place that neuter changes -- attract eyeball with contracted design character with material, swallow of those warbler warbler swallow, worry small effeminate begin keep to the side, come along with us now enjoy these PH = the high-quality jewelry of 7.
Be in power of biting gem neutral

Author: Anon. / editor: Usd

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