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See contemporary Feibaiji and Lalike
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Last year the autumn, ric Zaavy of é of Fr é D is in French gem stylist Phillips auction is located in new York all right Manhadu exhibited in the luxurious gallery of area of insular flesh library his 45 gem work. The exhibition lasted 12 days in all, every work is revealed alone, put the case in black respectively in, and use only illumination ejaculation the light only. Insist to resemble revealing halfback art to collect all the time jewelry is shown like tasting, sale of this new York old brand that having 212 years of long histories goes now more apt with stylist the auction that the form that extend replaces a tradition is met.

The design work of the Zaavy that last year the autumn exhibits all right in Phillips auction -- lotus flower bracelet, there are diamond and moonstone on its.

"Phillips auctions the gem art that understands me all right, they let me show work by his apiration to my space. " Zaavy say. He established his atelier in Paris before 12 years, this is he is auctioned in Phillips first travel is spectacular oneself work. In the past, the advanced gem that Zaavy produces minority every year only is custom-built work, these unique designs often are had for private client place, till 4 years before, the work that he just begins to design whole set is used showpiece.

The gem price that exhibits this differs to 500 thousand dollar from 35 thousand dollar. "Zaavy is contemporary Feibaiji and Lalike, " the gem sale chief inspector of Phillips is graceful the organizer that Cige Jiehan is this exhibition, she says further, "We search those to regard expression as the artist of means with gem, offer for them reveal platform. " case of graceful at present still emphasizes the gem exhibition this year will including to reveal relevant photography and art theme lecture with gem. "We hope the identity with adviser, make new generation young buy an art in discovering gem. Make new generation young buy an art in discovering gem..

Figure of case of graceful at present is petite, although ability is 30 years old, but she had held position in the high-end gem domain with intense competition. Besides choose new personality and potential artist, the gem sale that she still holds every year twice in Geneva for Phillips can choose gem and gem, additional, she still can set out from the client's grade, professional opinion is offerred when custom-built gem for them. Case of graceful at present is outstanding Chinese the 8th generation of gem old and well-known family sends a person, outstanding Chinese gem is a company that enjoys very high popularity, set brand shop in Geneva and Saudi Arabia, its headquarters is set in new York. Nevertheless, case of graceful at present still chose to auction the job of travel, is not familial industry. "Be in new York, phillips auction is contemporary and accepted all right in artistic, design and photography domain the most outstanding sale goes, " her explanation says, "I hope to promote the development of gem art, let it can stand in with those contemporary, contemporary art same horizontal on. Let it can stand in with those contemporary, contemporary art same horizontal on..
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