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"Chinese wind " drive gem to design new trend
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Association of national treasure stone expresses about the personage in, the innovation gem that types of facial makeup in operas of peony, tile-roofed house, Beijing opera, dragon, beautiful magnolia, bamboo, beat waits traditional China element a moment is designed, will drive the new trend that Chinese gem designs, also show at the same time " Chinese wind " the gem popularity that be sure is next year is fashionable. This batch with " Chinese wind " no matter be,taste to create the headgear of the style to act the role of design a concept or the person let be full of perfect Chinese impression on temperament, as if place oneself letting a person the Chinese culture at the tradition closely around wearing " do one's best reflects details of Oriental and deep culture, tie modern life, agree with adorn, have machinability " the standard will have special creative work.

Author: Anon. / editor: Cola

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