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"The countryside of Chinese pearl " pond of short for Weihe River together Suzho
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> this net dispatch: The graduate of this year's junior high school that Suzhou craft beautiful courtyard faces photograph the city zone this year begins gem headgear to design with the major that make (make 5 years) recruit students works, the plan recruits 30 students, attracted nearly 100 students to sign up eagerly however. Message spread fast, become " the countryside of Chinese pearl " the popular topic on town of pond of short for Weihe River, take delight in talking about has everybody this " steamed bun of sweet steamed bun " .

As we have learned, gem headgear design makes three-year institution of higher learning 5 years press down pond of government, short for Weihe River to press down tripartite of the 2nd middle school by pond of Suzhou craft beautiful courtyard, short for Weihe River with the major that make collective autograph is established about, aim to be industry of pearl of pond of short for Weihe River to develop characteristic person with ability, stimulative product innovates, can last what make whole industry keeps good development posture. And the development program that presses down according to pond of short for Weihe River, to 2010, area of assemble of produce and sale of pearl of pond of short for Weihe River clinchs a deal year of market that forms 5 billion RMB treatment production value and the exit of 500 million dollars achieve the pearl gem of the forehead, 3.5 billion RMB collect the specified amount, obtain employment number will exceed 30 thousand person. To professional student, this is an interest good news undoubtedly.

Chief discloses related government of town of pond of short for Weihe River, town of pond of short for Weihe River is having solid culture inside information, pearl culture is celebrated China and foreign countries, circulate since ancient times have " pearl armour the world, pond of short for Weihe River of the world pearl first " Gu Yao. The pearl lake with pretty scenery is circulating Xi Shi weeps the fokelore of the lake; Inside the pearl lake park that does not have lasting appeal, the bold and generous set each other off of the graceful and restrained of Changjiang Delta a region of rivers and lakes and modern city becomes an interest; The Changjiang Delta of raw ingredient of phylogeny of industry of fresh water pearl, of primitive simplicity is collected bead swim, preparing to construct at present affection of the pearl dream that the person of shirt-sleeve pond of short for Weihe River such as museum of Chinese pearl culture came 100000, pearl. Everybody also is in all the time seek culture of inheritance place art, make the means of somebody of civilian craft succeed, establishing gem headgear design and class of three-year institution of higher learning of the major that make will be a carrier.

the Suzhou craft beautiful courtyard that to China the first art designs advanced profession school, this also will become labour to learn to combine a talent to develop a model of mode. Come for years, the institute designs education field in design of traditional arts and crafts and modern art successful, pay attention to strengthen medium collaboration is fostered in the talent with industry business, build platform, executive education of course of implementation combination development, combination, combination invests equipment, combination to develop a project, implementation school, enterprise interacts with all possible means, professional setting and industry industry butt joint, the talent fosters norms and industry demand butt joint, student school work and social profession butt joint, exert oneself fosters industry professional. The institute already was set now " company of New Year picture of woodcarving of a depressed place of Suzhou peach blossom " , " institute of woodcarving of a depressed place of Suzhou peach blossom " , Sino-French Jiangsu fashionable dress grooms the center.
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