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Antique gem: Can adorn the human culture that collect (below)
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The channel that purchases antique headgear is very much, the auction is street of meeting, antique, flea market, secondhand inn, pawnshop, even the network can be found. The auction can be to savor essence of life commonly but price is high, the representing's is at that time market maximum price, the chance of leak huntingn/arc repair the leaky part of a roof is little. And antique market needs stick one's chin out and provide alone a mind which perceives both past and future, but the fun that enjoys discovery and look for can morely. And of antique gem headgear appreciate to basically rely on to choose pair of time and category. What time points to is high-quality goods amount finite, cannot second birth, precious is rare clinking, want the market to develop normally only so, can appreciate.

Author: Anon. / editor: Cola

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