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"Auger collect cup " contest of design of international color gem is started for
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This net dispatch: By city of guild of headgear of Chinese gem jade, Guangzhou time government of Yu division people is sponsorred, guangzhou city time city of office of estate of characteristic of government of Yu division people, Guangzhou time chamber of commerce of works of Yu area gem undertakes " auger collect cup " international color gem designs a contest to was in Guangdong a few days ago time Yu is started formally. The theme of this second contest is " chromatic gem · shows off China " , the requirement takes part in the match player with " Chinese element " to create a spot, what what involve work to be able to behave chromatic gem and Chinese culture is organic and unified.

Sponsor an unit to will make this contest into global, the originality of high administrative levels designs a contest, develop in order to promote chromatic gem industry of China further.

"Auger collect cup " international color gem designs a contest to face lover of domestic and international design, every is engaged in headgear designing personage and each big gem designing institute school student all can unit or individual identity sign up take part in the match. The contest is cent catenary of neck chain group, hand (bracelet) 6 groups such as group, ring group, dangler group, condole dropping group and breastpin group are fastened.

The contest is seleted the setting the 3 large award such as award, originality award, dazzle colour award. By gem of color of guild of headgear of Chinese gem jade, international association of friendly trade of association, Hong Kong reachs domestic jewelry designing institute the senior personage of school holds the position of a commissioner. All work all take part in the match with blueprint have first trial, the beard after be seleted makes objective work. The contest will issue bonus and honorary letter to stylist of work of bear the palm, award medal to making company of work of bear the palm. Work of bear the palm will exhibit the itinerate on the meeting to exhibit greatly in each.

To stress the theme of chromatic gem, the material of work of this second contest requirement is qualitative wait with coloured gem and K gold or silver give priority to, want to show supplement of lapidary colour, administrative levels adequately, beauty of optics of outstanding coloured gem and colour are beautiful. Special requirement advocate Shi Bi must be coloured gem. Reflect the characteristic with writing qualitative ability with technology measure, dig the humanitarian concept of chromatic gem. Other work all wants all teams emphasize its achieve gender, innovation sex formerly, can make a gender reach practical.

Work collects time to be in June 2008 ~11 month 15 days, will come to will make be judged first in December in November. On May 5, 2009 international colour gem has last instance during association annual meeting, will award prize when Guangzhou gem is exhibited in May 2009.

Author: Anon. / editor: Cola

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