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Part of Hong Kong fashionable gem ends
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Section of Hong Kong fashionable gem is in by a definite date yesterday shopping centers of day of one square international fall next heavy curtain. According to statistic, during gem section, the accumulative total sale of Hong Kong gem achieves 2.5 million yuan, the sale total of section of gem of before exceeding Dalian, Changsha, Nanjing far 3 stations.

The section of Hong Kong gem that holds in another name for Ningbo first attracted the 10 gem brand that comes from Hong Kong, ginseng exhibit gem act the role ofing to taste thousands of kinds, unit price differs to 10 thousand yuan about a hundred from thousands of yuan. Besides making fashionable adornment, still a few citizens regard investment as to keep one of approaches of the value Hong Kong gem.

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The Hong Kong gem that already enjoyed high reputation in peaceful wave market also this gem section won have the aid of further the favour of Ning Bo's businessman. As we have learned, on the round table during gem section, the general merchandise bazaar that has not little Ning Bo and jewelry brand shop represented strong interest to introducing Hong Kong brand, a few businessmen still reached initial purpose of collaboration.

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