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Exposition of painting and calligraphy of gem of strange stone of the 3rd whole
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By a definite date painting and calligraphy of strange stone of the 3rd whole nation, gem (Shan head) exposition kicks off 10 days in Lin Baixin international exhibition center. Current exposition is in charge of bureau support, Lin Baixin to be able to exhibit a center to undertake by city town. Zhong Zhanna of vice director of standing committee of city National People's Congress attends an opening ceremony.
According to introducing, current " Shi Bo is met " set 420 stall in all, basically exhibit Guangxi big fossil kind, stone of Anhui clever wall kind, Xinjiang desert stone kind, inside unconscious grape agate kind, Shandong picture stone kind, petrified wood kind, mineral crystal kind, root carve kind etc and coolie art tastes nearly 100 breed that come from countrywide each district. These strange stone high-quality goods or glow, or ancient clumsy air, or uncanny workmanship, or wonderful artical excelling nature, too many beautiful things of full of beautiful things in eyes, let fan of average citizen, strange rock people enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave, praise greatly, be just as sample the strange Shi Chengyan of a too many beautiful things, wonderful unsurpassed. Can exhibit a center already at 2006, had held strange stone exposition successfully twice early or late 2007, showpiece the result is favorable, led this locality the tide that strange stone art admires.

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