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Hand in industry of traditional jewelry of meeting run-up China high
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Dai Weini: Hand in the jeweller of exclusive science and technology on the meeting high

The 10th hand in high can be in Shenzhen to be able to exhibit central like a raging fire undertake, like to attend gem to exhibit with the jeweller of traditional industry, love more however with jeweller of science and technology this special status attends to hand in the Dai Weini of the meeting high is to be able to exhibit a different that go up to count, it is a bright color more.

Dai Weini can have a special liking to be being handed in high, because Dai Weini is the gem website that China obtains multinomial country patent exclusively,be not only, because be handed in high,also can let Dai Weini find the direction of development, the key that strode trend success one pace. According to the view of Dai Weini's person: It is to be handed in high can insert the wing that went up to fly for Dai Weini!

All these predestined relationship result two years ago fall October. After the elaborate preparation that is as long as a year many, dai Weini depends on the support of group of research and development and other software company, made country is the biggest at that time, the online gem with banner technology sells platform. Pass a server gem of online sale diamond, overturn traditional diamond sells mode, end times of diamond sudden huge profits, got bureau of Shenzhen municipal government, science and technology is opposite this platform greatly praise and honor invites his to attend the 8th to be handed in high meeting.

In exhibit amaze the people with a single brilliant feat of the Dai Weini on the meeting, start shooting the first artillery piece that Chinese gem diamond supplies catenary revolution. The net buys diamond to be returned at that time is strange thing, and its price more be left speechless with wonder or fear letting a person. Similar pattern and equal quality, relatively market price fall 30% , 70% . The inquiry of in an endless stream and thick as hail order, make join the Dai Weini that exhibit to become the 8th to hand in a on the meeting high first " star " , young Dai Weini group is to exhibit the busiest crowd on the meeting, gem net platform also endured the test of actual combat.

Have the aid of is handed in high meeting " east wind " , wear dimension Buddhist nun to went up formally in November 2006 line and operation. In the time that does not arrive one year, become shipment to lead a top firm; Nowadays, no matter be user quantity, online client is counted, still buy the respect such as the quantity, dai Weini is resided firmly the first.

Dai Weini serves as " small company " example flourish is ascended " Forbes " , be known as " the B2C platform that China has latent capacity most " , "The Dai Er DELL of diamond industry. Dai Weini participates case more have the honor to win Ha Fo " commerce is commented on " " administrative action award " China 20 strong, be known as the Zara of jewelry industry. Be " network diamond the first " .
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