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Gem stylist Chen Shiying hand in hand the TV program does gem to carve work to e
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Sow 12 years to celebrate a program to leave, will come 18 days on October 16, phoenix is defended inspect brand program " completely fashionable manual " will hand in hand Chen Shiying of famous gem stylist holds international gem carves work to exhibit. At the appointed time, artwork of class of more than 30 national treasure comes on stage all, act according to a vision gluttonous regale.

Defend as phoenix inspect achieve a program formerly, in 12 years of associate with, " completely fashionable manual " the transmission that devotes oneself to fashionable culture all the time is communicated, the communication of pop is interactive, became the life style with extensive Asia the the most macrobian, most welcome area kind program. To agree with a program excellent, vogue, elegant idiosyncratic, it is reported, this " work of sculpture of jewelry of Chen Shiying's individual is exhibited " taste communication of ancient bronze mirror for high-end elite personage only.

Be born in Chinese Chen Shiying, grow at environment of strong traditional China culture. 1980 metaphase, chen Shiying be in harmony collects carve of anaglyph, shade and lapidary cut skill at one furnace, only then achieve 5 inverted image to carve a law, name for " Wallace Cut " , because of international of this become famous and by the coronal in order to carve the Great Master's beauty praise. Gem work of Chen Shiying sells with auctioning a form only more, the part is made only even private collect. The experience that old pious heart repairs Buddha gifts the Oriental buddhist flavour with its individual work. 2007 beginning, chen Shiying is rolled out a series of it is the backbone, design gem work that provides originality extremely with titanium element, begin world tour to exhibit.

As we have learned, the work that this Beijing exhibits besides what already became brand mark " I still am fluttering " outside colour butterfly series, still have a series of gem that provide Chinese element and symbolistic characteristic greatly, if inspiration comes from village of Chinese Taoist school of Zhou Mengdie " Butterfly ' S Dream " wait for high-quality goods. The innovation of sex of every artwork idea, vulture embeds the ingenious of craft, the aesthetic feeling that communicates is indicative, as good as of the person that make view and admire at experiencing a paragraph of art itinerary.

"This is special experience: A great artist that comes from Chinese world and his world top class work. Chen Shiying -- the Hong Kong person of a not good at the way one speaks or what he says, let whole world exclaim however in the achievement of gem and artistic creation respect. " see this item on display ahead of schedule " completely fashionable manual " compere Li Hui can'ts help gasping in admiration.

Author: Beautiful circle / editor: Cola

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