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500 halcyon are fair the home that invite Tibet cleans out dish of new money tre
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These two days, halcyon of more than 500 high-quality goods is hanged, the bracelet machines distribution centre Guangdong from domestic halcyon in succession 4 meetings transfer Hangzhou. Begin Saturday originally (on October 18, 26 days) , the Hangzhou in crossing of the Lu Wenhui austral lake villa collects this batch of halcyon general article market halcyon is feudal village of male scene tea collects meeting place, offer Hangzhou to collect lover with newest emerald prices value.

Halcyon is feudal village of male scene tea collects meeting place is the condition of emerald sale new job that Hangzhou not long ago appears, what differ with common emerald brand shop is, what this meeting drew lessons from home to collect article, artwork is private the concept of meeting place, from the design style, detail decorates product choosing to deserve to be paid attention to quite. Meeting place uses the mode that the member makes, in the light of Tibet the home is opened.

In mixed jade, halcyon belongs to jadeite, the folk that is in China to already had hundreds years is collected history, in recent years because resource of emerald mineral products is dried up, home lifted a halcyon to collect heat. Halcyon consumes group cent to be two kinds, one kind is will regard as gem headgear is bought, no matter price discretion is talked only like; Another kind is regard halcyon as a kind of investment that can protect value rise in value is tasted.

FGA of meeting place controller (British gem association) gemmology home Pan Jianjiang says: "If hide the home to regard halcyon investment to taste, what should pay close attention to mainly so is halcyon fair dish of prices. Suffer the influence of macroscopical economy environment, price of emerald original rock will begin a callback later March this year, july fair dish average price has been compared March callback 30% , if hide the home,now still is the price with the beginning of the year buys halcyon, that affirmation lost investment meaning. That affirmation lost investment meaning..

Pan Jianjiang establishs in Hangzhou this meeting place and its oneself rich geological setting and halcyon of 5 years are fair dish closely related experience. Because had 5 years to accumulate, meeting place is current already collect raw material is purchased, treatment, sale at an organic whole. More than 500 when this for instance the group buys mobile place to offer are hanged, bracelet, what using raw material is this year July from Burmese fair dish go up buy, in the processing factory that is located in Guangdong treatment is made, pull directly next attend a meeting place is sold. Value basis is newest fair place decides dish of raw material prices, under market price case 30% .

In addition, issue of money of the emerald A that alls over a care in the light of Cang Jiapu, B (what A goods points to is pure natural halcyon, b goods is to point to artificial processing halcyon, in recent years, a few businessmen regard B goods halcyon as sale of A goods halcyon, many Tibetan homes have be decieved the experience that be duped) , zhejiang invited to save gold jewelry to detect while this meeting is in a group to buy an activity spot of wave of gold of central director contented sits hall, serve to hide the home to offer free appraisal.
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