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Wu city gem is exhibited join smoothly certainly extend trade more than 40
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Jade of gem of section of gem of international of city of the 5th Wu is on sale meeting general will be held on November 4 at will coming on October 31. 16 days, the reporter learns from bureau of business affairs of Wu state city, work of the flutter that enrol business is great, affirmatory already ginseng exhibits an enterprise many 40, add newly exhibit already fulfilled nearly 80.

Current and lapidary section sets gem jade headgear and relevant product to exhibit in all 400, the management berth that divides lapidary city and lapidary edifice serves as exhibit outside, still increase 100 to the flutter outside city exhibit. Up to now, outside dividing the businessman that already managed in lapidary city, lapidary edifice, affirmatory already ginseng exhibits an enterprise many 40, add newly exhibit already fulfilled nearly 80, come from Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong area, Guangdong, Yunnan, Guangxi, Jiangsu respectively and other places of Wuhan of Lian Yun harbor, Hubei, be in the majority with Guangdong enterprise among them. Among them, the company of jewelry of gem of Guangdong jasper abundant that there is fame relatively in industry of domestic and international jewelry will come round to join exhibit, before this firm joined a few lapidary section, in Wu city famous degree very tall, this second ginseng exhibits item on display much, exhibit an area big, will undertake the whole thing lapidary city layer is whole in hall.

According to introducing, gem jade is on sale meeting preparatory group is undertaking field art design is designed is on sale meeting exhibiting, the gem that make is on sale can exhibit an unified ginseng to exhibit a mark. Lapidary chamber of commerce began lapidary city, lapidary edifice to manage owner ginseng to exhibit arouse, encourage owner to strengthen berth is decorated and furnish. Lapidary garden company is making the best of time to be exhibited to be added newly undertake berth decorate, ensure be on sale in gem of the consign before October 22 on time can use.

Origin: On the west author of river Metropolis Daily: Chen Yize

Author: Beautiful circle / editor: Cola

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