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Gold of consumption of gem of the 3rd quarter occupies Yantai 7 into
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This year the 3rd quarter, the high-grade goods such as jewelry of harbor city gold leads whole consumption the market continuously. Name of travel of Xin gold luxurianting growth tastes shop store to grow Wang Jie to accept when interviewing, say, after flourishing of all fronts of the Mid-autumn Festival of gold jewelry afterwards is sold, the 3rd quarter appears again " blowout " . And gold more make the variety with gem best-selling market, sale takes market of Yantai whole gem about 7 into the left and right sides.

2008 is an Olympic Games year, home handles bridal festival appearance greatly it is thus clear that everywhere. Xin gold luxurianting growth is in all right the 3rd quarter is special this year headgear did pair of gem to adjust. Advocate dozen marriage celebrate a card, in marriage those who celebrate consumption drive, the integral sale of gold jewelry is very satisfactory. Xin gold luxurianting growth is to roll out a series of activities to abound the market more all right. Be like " search the most beautiful Olympic Games newly-married " wait for an activity, attracted numerous citizen attention and participate in.

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