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Gem designs sweep " Chinese wind "
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Nowadays is in what Chinese gem designs new trend to be driven, with " Chinese wind " taste to create the jewelry that designs a style to act the role of raiding coil and come. The development of Chinese culture is permeated, and the inheritance of Chinese element is carried on reflect in these work incisively and vividly. Its the popularity that performing will be gem of Chinese next year is fashionable.

Can design with " Chinese wind " the gem headgear to create a concept, will get surely of more person love. It closely around move " do one's best reflects details of Oriental and deep culture, tie modern life, agree with adorn, have machinability " the standard will have special creative work. According to sponsorring unit week to give birth to jewelry company president greatly Mr Zhou Zongwen introduces: "China never is short of gorgeous gem to act the role of taste design culture, and in depending on be in contemporary world " Chinese impression " design an element the central stage that the style enters gem vogue to design with what kind of, in recent years frequency shows the Chinese element that Hesperian is infatuated with at international gem arena, bring transcendental wallop and visual result, this is inevitable development trend and popular trend. This is inevitable development trend and popular trend..

A when believe next year " Chinese wind " the one big breakthrough that will be jewelry industry, drive Chinese gem design to enter a new trend with this.

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