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Indian economy glides jewelry industry suffers concussion
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India is big country of production of a gem and consumption, nevertheless global economy depression also affected the jewelry industry here, india has had manufacturer of a lot of jewelry to close down, many worker is unemployed.

India western urban Su La is special with jewelry industry famed, the gem exit of Indian close half comes from here. Relevant data shows, jewelry industry of Sulate exceeds 700 thousand from personnel of course of study, additionally still 2.5 million person is engaged in following the work related jewelry industry. But glide as global economy, the gem here sells the market also gradually atrophic, compare with photograph of in former years, their business estimation this year should decrease 229% . Indian jeweller expresses: "American economy is behaved not beautiful, this also affected us, we had the product of 60 % to export the United States in the past, reduce 30 % now nevertheless. Reduce 30 % now nevertheless..

Sulate is an epitome of Indian jewelry industry only, once thriving Indian jewelry industry is faced with painful adjustment period, indian whole nation has processing factory of 10 thousand gem about, but already about 2000 close down now. The gem that annual winter is India sells busy season, now, the Indian jeweller that survival comes down is endeavoring to prop up, hope this traditional busy season can bring an improvement to the sale, help get over this endless winter.

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