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Flourishing of the continuance after red-letter day of Lanzhou gem market sells
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After 11 golden weeks pass, lanzhou is treasure of deep Lan Zhu, old city of gem of Feng Xiangyin building, century, country fragrant 100 fill the diamond boutique square sale status that sells field and brand shop good, continued basically the impetus that rises during the festival.

Before comparing a red-letter day, change of price of jewelry of the gold of Lanzhou market, platinic gold is not big. Among them, 1000 pure gold are acted the role of taste every to overcome the price to be 248 yuan of ~278 yuan, platinic gold price rises stage by stage, every gram is highest already amounted to 578 yuan, sell a price to reach 568 yuan in 548 yuan for the most part. As a result of the adjustment of 11 holiday, after one part new personality will decide the wedding day October 6 formerly, move on October 18 or 26 days. Accordingly, still many new personality are celebrated in marriage of choose and buy now adorn article. This also is 11 afterwards, the market still one of very lively accounts. One part sells seize this one good opportunity, in act the role of the foundation that tastes existing price to go up, offer certain range dozen lose privilege, in order to attract new personality consumption, make sell of field trade and did not end because of 11 long holidays and hasten is cold.

The near future, one part sells rolled out Niu Niansheng to be like congratulate year old metal bar. Sell a chief introduction according to a few, in light of the time of a month that rolls out from the metal bar, sale posture is smoother, consumer does not have the change because of international finance condition, and the desire to buy that produces overheat to the metal bar looks. The reporter is in a few sell interviewed a few consumer, they think, the change of international finance condition, although can taste the price to produce certain effect to gold act the role ofing, but increasing appearance turns product of conduct financial transactions, investing gold is not only alternative, they can are opposite according to oneself phasic judgement, take out one share capital to be used at investing gold.

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