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"Banding gem cup " contest of gem design originality rings down the curtain
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Last week 6, 2008 " Banding gem cup " contest of originality of design of Chinese gem headgear will give final position definitely, this the contest divides 6 in all kinds big, set 10 large award are seleted award with 24.

Hold to all along with " glaring design " the Banding gem that is commercial concept, the exclusive sponsor that serves as this second contest and undertake square, besides for this second design originality contest offers funds, still will bear more than 30 bear the palm that makes final bear the palm designs work. In a year of in the past, banding gem sends the fundamental construction that force designs at gem headgear all the time. For example, headgear of graceful card dragon holds water to design center of research and development in Italy, invite Italy, France top class stylist participates in headgear design, hand in hand the whole world most business of promotion of Chinese rhubarb getting designs goods of Huang Zuan series jointly. Continuance arrives assistance, undertake contest of originality of design of headgear of current China gem, the brand strategy that also devises to offerring innovation ceaselessly just about undertook continueing.

Contest organizing committee introduces, aux will be able to of the person that look around sees the in kind of work of 20 multinomial bear the palm. These work are in this year October, by the technician of Banding gem people figuration is machined below the guidance of expert of technology of Chinese beautiful courtyard.

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