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Chinese vogue is acted the role of taste a 3 large window to attract numerous ma
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Taste an enterprise to develop the market to bring a road to build the bridge to act the role of Vogue of the 4th China is acted the role of taste a 3 large window to attract numerous manufacturer Vogue of the 4th China is acted the role of taste section and China International vogue to act the role of taste exposition will in March 2009 25 -- 27 days are in lake of Chinese justice smoked plum can exhibit a center to hold. With go to a photograph comparing, exhibit meeting general this with brand-new appearance appears, domestic and international market is developed below new condition for the enterprise, began a series of bringing activity that build the bridge, confused of extraordinary splendour of 3 large window is shown. One of window: The promotion activity of new material, new facility, new technology Act the role of the times that tasted course of study to enter material qualitative diversity. As the buildup of consciousness of environmental protection of domestic and international consumer, healthy consciousness, qualitative to harmless material demand is higher and higher, the development of new material is used, taste course of study to reduce cost, product to abound diversity to acting the role of, have important sense. Exhibit meeting general to a series of new material products choose for you. Adorn taste course of study to want to cast off depend on cheap the labour force, aspect that makes cheap product, must to science and technology development, pursue all sorts of new facility, new technology, become a manufacturer to carry efficient optimal option. Exhibit during the meeting, reveal related goods especially. Meantime, hold new technology chair, exterior trim of introductory analysis home tastes course of study " 3 new " dynamic, begin " 3 new " the product is revealed and spot dealing activity. Of window: 2009 China popularity is acted the role of taste spring to order goods meeting Exhibit this can invite an organization each buy the home, the grand meeting that is a Mai Jiayun collect. Abroad buys an organization to undertaking The abroad of justice black buys 1. sufficient conformity a resource -- justice black purchases the permanent of more than 10 thousand foreign trader of 100 many cities and area personnel, 1340 companies are in the 50 many countries such as the United States, Japan, Korea, middle east and area justice black establishs a branch. 2. The organizing committee will invite the abroad of permanent Dongguan, Qingdao to buy the home with favourable policy and excellent service. A few Korea of Qingdao are acted the role of taste an enterprise to already will research the market to justice black on invitation on October 20, negotiate ginseng postpone business. 3. Of the promotion that can go up through be being exhibited in industry high standards and group of trade of action of organizing committee major extend, invite the home is bought outside the condition.
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