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Zhou Dafu supports Chinese sports cause 500 thousand yuan
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On October 15, great good fortune of week of famous gem brand is in national sports total bureau, hold a name to be " engrave 2008, share bright honor " charity donates a press conference, announce impress of eternity of Zhou Dafu Forevermark " honorable star " the part auctions money 500 thousand yuan of RMB, contributory grant " foundation of sports of China whole nation (Chinese athlete committee) " , the commonweal that this also is the organization of first society love since this committee holds water is donated, money of this be apt to will be used at supporting this committee to begin sports commonweal work, enterprise of Yo of the polity in with appeal more the enterprise pays close attention to and supporting develops.

Famous athlete vice-president of foundation of sports of whole nation of vice director of management center of fund of sports of total bureau of trustee of week great good fortune Mr Chen Shichang, country sports, China Mr Wang Yanmin and Ms. Zhou Jigong (national sports total bureau swims, ms. Qian Gong (You Tan " 5 gold are spent " one of) , ms. Gao Gong (" clang rose " one of, goalkeeper of Home Laoguo women football) all arrive at the spot.

Regard domestic jewelry as course of study get army brand, zhou Dafu founds beginning oneself, cordial support each commonweal charities, develop charity of foundation, China to always can wait for orgnaization bend force to cooperate with children of national finance department, United Nations Children's Fund Commission, U.N. not only, for education, medical treatment, children the project such as protection contributes money contribute content; On sports commonweal career, successive 4 are initiated " golf surpasses cup of Zhou Dafu charity " money of be apt to of accumulative total collect funds amounts to 1 million Hongkong dollar, it is to participate in gold of track and field of tounament of supportive Asia weight lifting, international more at the same time the important match such as large award competition.

Lasting impress of Forevermark of the on sale before this " honorable star " beauty of form of 27.16 carat pear is gotten, it is only as Zhoudafu 2008 of tribute of Beijing Olympic Games make, be born out of gets embryo at hefting the south Africa of 70 carat to be produced formerly. More precious place depends on having in the impress on its mesa come from partner of whole world of former embryo of Zhou Dafu diamond -- supplier of the world's biggest diamond former embryo wears Biersiji round " Forevermark " lasting impress " , among them special precious is chosen and the whole world is exclusive " 20080808 " serial number, special engrave 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, grand occasion of century of engrave China sports.
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