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Economy of prosperous happy feast is aided push jewelry industry grow on-the-spo
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Recently, happy international of the 7th Cultural Festival of special local product of the 9th China, prosperous is lapidary a countryside in Chinese sapphirine -- , Chang Le falls next heavy curtain. The Chang Le inside 15 days and global travelling merchant sign investment contract 18, investment amounts to 2.6 billion yuan; Sign gem headgear to machine sale contract, agreement, intent 30, always trade the forehead 2.5 billion yuan; Each economic and trade activity attracted ginseng of business of more than 100 investment to meet, negotiate project 68, always investment 4.6 billion yuan...

In Chang Le, the red-letter day of 7 international gem that runs continuously, not only ecbolic of jewelry industry dimensions expand, a chain industry that drives with gem also facilitated systematic development in the meantime, sing blue dream noisy.

From 0 arrive 10 billion to 100 billion

Before long, the value of natural sapphirine exchange of walnut size is 0! Between one's early years, sapphirine takes discovery in Chang Lefang hill when, the old man that puts a sheep ever used strike a light of sickle of its loiter fire to light cigarette. Did not enter the market, the use value of sapphirine is equivalent to today's lighter only.

1993, chang Lechou built a nation lapidary city of China of terminal market of large gem major -- , China's oldest gem ornaments is distributing center trade base. Made Chang Lela lapidary exploitation, burnish, enchase, the appraisal, industrialization that sells one continuous line develops pattern. Through gathering together businessman, realized jewelry industry by the scattered sex development to assemble sex. Current, industry of prosperous happy jewelry year trade the forehead already broke through 10 billion yuan of RMB, amount to from personnel of course of study of 40 thousand.

Make the demand of international gem famous city to suit, wall of national treasure stone is enlarging dimensions at present in. Relevant personage introduces, lapidary city is being divided period undertake extend. After extend project is finishing, will become culture of collect treasure jade to reveal, treatment of gift of gem headgear, craft trades, apartment of high-grade business affairs, recreational amusement is happy the store of large international jewelry of an organic whole. With this dimensions, at the appointed time gem year trade the forehead will achieve 100 billion yuan of RMBs.

Famous the world knows in one day

Had " good wine " , walk out of even " deep alley " . Begin from 2002, this county begins have the aid of trade of rash stage classics negotiates the east wind of the meeting is held removed Chang Leguo border gem section, prosperous happy gem from now on in the world fadein fame.

Of lapidary section hold made industry of this locality jewelry and nonlocal gem bound communicate trading platform, before attracting traveling trader of group of the hundreds gem bound that comes from and other places of the United States, Australia, Thailand, tourism, will join exhibit. Gem of first lapidary section traded 2002 the forehead 60 million yuan, reach the 7th to already amounted to 2.5 billion yuan.
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