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Sales volume of Israel gem diamond rises gradually in the Asia
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"We basically increase what the Asia regards as Israel diamond to export sexual market. Count in future year, IDI will put sale emphasis in development on these markets, mix inside Chinese Hong Kong, China especially India. " this is a word that Chairman IDI Gan Ci says. Industry of visible Israel diamond already called the Asia the main and rising market that is a portal with Hong Kong.

It is reported, the Hong Kong that house of an Israel diamond sets 1 in bay young to read extensively can exhibit a center, the gem that at the appointed time can manufacturer of diamond of 50 many Israel and exporter attend to will be held in Chinese Hong Kong September is horological exhibit. And Israel is rising all the time to the diamond sale of far east this year. "2008 first half of the year, the finished product that Israel exports completely to Hong Kong is gotten increased 35% , predict this one trend still will continue this year. " Aweida says, "If maintain momentum of this kind of development, this one market will occupy 25% above 2008. This one market will occupy 25% above 2008..

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